A Guide to Men’s Shirt Collar Types

Discover the most popular collar types for men's shirts and how to choose the right one for any occasion. Read on for a breakdown of each style.

There are various collar types for men’s shirts, each with its unique style and level of formality. Here are some of the most common collar types:

  1. Tall Spread Collar: A popular collar style that works well with various outfits, from suits and ties to denim[1].
  2. Point Collar: A standard collar choice for business and formal settings, often worn with ties[2].
  3. Button-Down Collar: A more casual option, originally worn by English polo players, featuring buttons that fasten the collar points to the shirt[3].
  4. Cutaway Collar: A bold dress shirt collar style with a wide spread between the collar points, often seen in Italian tailoring[3].
  5. Club Collar: A rounded collar style that adds a vintage touch to your outfit[4].
  6. Tab Collar: A collar with a small tab that fastens the collar points together, creating an arch for the tie[5].
  7. Wingtip Collar: A formal collar style typically worn with tuxedos and bow ties, featuring small, folded points that resemble wings[4].
  8. Mandarin/Band Collar: A collarless style that features a band of fabric around the neck, suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions[6].
  9. Cuban Collar: A casual, open collar style often seen on short-sleeved shirts, perfect for warm weather and relaxed events[6].
  10. Eyelet Collar: A collar with small holes at the collar points, designed for collar pins or bars to be inserted, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit[7].

When choosing a collar type, consider the occasion, your personal style, and the shape of your face. Different collar styles can complement various face shapes and enhance your overall appearance. It’s essential to have a mix of collar styles in your wardrobe to suit different events and outfits[1].

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