How to Choose the Right Hangers to Prevent Shoulder Puckering

Prevent shoulder puckering and keep your garments looking their best by choosing the right hanger. Learn which hangers work best for each garment type.

To prevent shoulder puckering with hangers, it’s essential to choose the right type of hanger for your garments. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Shirt Hangers: Opt for shirt hangers with divots or rubber-tipped ends to prevent tank tops and silky fabrics from sliding off[1]. Proman Kascade Hangers are a good option[1].
  2. Sweater Hangers: These hangers are designed specifically to prevent shoulder puckering and dimpling on soft knit fabrics. They often have a narrower shoulder flare[1].
  3. Non-Slip Hangers: Choose hangers with a grippy coating or velvet-covered hangers to prevent garments from slipping and causing shoulder bumps[2].
  4. Wide-Shoulder Hangers: Extra-wide hangers made from wood or with padding can help prevent shoulder bumps on various garments[3].
  5. Curved Hangers: Hangers with a downturned-arc shape can prevent shoulder denting in knit fabrics[4].
  6. Folding Technique: Instead of hanging your sweaters directly on the hanger, fold them in half and drape them over the hanger to distribute the weight evenly[5].
  7. Padded Hangers: Soft, foam-padded hangers can provide gentle support for your garments and prevent shoulder bumps[6].

Remember that hanging heavy knit garments can cause dimpling due to the weight pulling down the fabric[7]. In such cases, it’s better to fold the garments instead of hanging them. If you must hang them, use the folding technique mentioned above[5].

By choosing the right type of hanger and using proper folding techniques, you can prevent shoulder puckering and keep your garments in good shape.


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