Matching Collar Types with Tie Knots: General Guidelines

Learn how to pair collar types with tie knots for a balanced and visually appealing look. Consider collar width, tie fabric, and your face shape.

Yes, collar types can be mixed and matched with different tie knots, but it’s essential to consider the proportion, collar width, and the type of tie fabric when pairing them. The goal is to create a balanced and visually appealing look. Here are some general guidelines for matching collar types with tie knots:

  1. Button-down collar: This classic dress shirt collar works well with a Four-in-Hand knot, which is smaller and complements the buttoned-down points[1][2].
  2. Spread collar: With more space beneath the collar, spread collars pair well with thicker knots like the Half Windsor or Full Windsor[3][4]. However, a Four-in-Hand knot might leave too much empty space on either side of the tie knot[2].
  3. Cutaway collar: Designed for regular width ties and ties made of thicker material, cutaway collars require a tie and work well with knots like the Eldredge or the Trinity[5].
  4. Point collar, tab, or button-down: These collars with an intermediate gap are suitable for the Four-in-Hand knot, which balances the wider face due to their elongated features[6].

Remember that the outer borders of the tie knot should meet the inner borders of the collar[2]. It’s also essential to consider your face shape and neck size when choosing a collar and tie knot combination. Experiment with different shirt collars and tie knot options to find the best match for your personal style and the occasion[2][6].


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