Pegged Pants: Types, Materials, And Styling Tips

Discover the fascinating world of pegged pants! From their history and characteristics to styling tips and versatility, this article covers it all.

Pegged pants, also known as tapered pants or peg-leg trousers, have made a significant comeback in recent years. These stylish trousers combine retro charm with modern appeal, making them a favorite among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will explore the different types of pegged pants, the materials used to make them, and how to style them effortlessly.

Types of Pegged Pants

  1. Empire Waist Peg Trousers: These high-waisted pants feature double reverse pleats and a tapered leg from the lower thigh to the ankle[1].
  2. Belted Peg Pants: These pants have a high waistband with pleating and a crop length, often featuring sewn-on pockets and a western-style belt buckle[2].
  3. Alexandria Peg Trousers: These casual peg trousers have a regular rise, an elastic waist with a drawstring closure, and four pleats at the front waist[3].
  4. Classic Peg Leg Trousers: These trousers have a wider hip area than skinny pants and often feature an elastic high waistband with two buttons in the front for a classic look[2].
  5. Cropped Peg Trousers: These pants have a shorter length, stopping right below the calf, and often feature side slip pockets[2].
  6. Exposed Zip Fly Plaid Peg Pants: These pants have a visible zipper fly and a plaid pattern, adding a modern twist to the classic peg pant style[2].
  7. Peg-Top Trousers: These pants have an abundance of material at the hips, giving a baggy look, with pleats and panels allowing the trouser legs to narrow dramatically to a close-fitting hem at the ankle[4].

Pegged Pants Materials

Linen is a popular material for making pegged pants, as its drape works well with pleats and tapers[2]. Other materials used for pegged pants include 100% recycled polyester, which is environmentally friendly and has strong moisture absorbency characteristics[5].

Styling Tips for Pegged Pants

  1. Balance the silhouette: Pair pegged pants with a slightly loose top that still highlights the waist. Tuck in the top, add a belt to cinch it in, or wear a jacket or sweater over a more form-fitting underpinning[6].
  2. Show off your shoes: Pegged pants are perfect for showcasing your favorite footwear, as their tapered leg ensures that your shoes won’t be hidden under a wide pant leg[7].
  3. Play with patterns and colors: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colors when choosing pegged pants. Bold prints and bright hues can add a fun, trendy touch to your outfit[8].
  4. Accessorize: Complete your pegged pants look with statement accessories, such as a chunky necklace or a wide-brimmed hat, to add an extra layer of style and personality[9].

In conclusion, pegged pants offer a versatile and stylish option for those looking to incorporate a retro-inspired yet modern look into their wardrobe. With various types, materials, and styling tips to choose from, you can easily find the perfect pair of pegged pants to suit your personal style and preferences.



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