A Guide to Different Types of Clothes Hangers and Their Uses

Learn about the different types of clothes hangers and their uses. From wire and wooden hangers to fabric and specialty hangers, find the right fit!

Clothes hangers have been around for centuries, initially used by aristocratic families to keep their large wardrobes organized. Today, hangers are essential in every household, and they come in various materials and designs to cater to different types of clothing[1]. In this article, we will explore the different types of clothes hangers and their uses.

1. Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are made of various types of iron wires and are the simplest type of hanger. They have a loop of wire, most often steel, in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top[2]. Wire hangers are mainly used for lightweight clothing and are not recommended for heavy garments or delicate fabrics[3].

2. Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers consist of a flat piece of wood cut into a boomerang-like shape with the edges sanded down to prevent damage to the clothing. They are sturdy and can hold heavier garments like coats and suits[2]. Wooden hangers are also suitable for shirts, as they maintain the shape of the collar and allow tops to hang naturally without slipping off or wrinkling[4].

3. Plastic Hangers

Tubular clothes hangers are the most common type of plastic clothes hangers. They are lightweight and easy to find in many locations and stores[5]. Plastic hangers are suitable for everyday clothing but may not be the best choice for heavy or delicate garments.

4. Fabric Hangers

Fabric hangers, also known as satin or velvet hangers, are perfect for special occasion clothing and dresses. They come in various colors to match your outfit or closet and are gentle on delicate fabrics[5]. For silk garments, it is recommended to use velvet, padded, or flocked hangers to prevent damage to the fabric[4].

5. Bamboo Hangers

Bamboo hangers are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hangers. They are sturdy and can hold various types of clothing, making them a versatile option for your closet[1].

6. Multilayer Hangers

Multilayer hangers are ideal for small closets or limited spaces. They have one hook to go over the closet rod and multiple layers or descending bars from which several items can be hung. These hangers are especially useful for hanging pants and skirts[6].

7. Specialty Hangers

There are also specialty hangers designed for specific types of clothing:

  • Shirt Hangers: These hangers should have divots or rubber-tipped ends to keep tank tops and silky fabrics from sliding off[7].
  • Pant Hangers: Wood hangers are the optimal choice for pants, as they are sturdy and won’t bend out of shape[4].
  • Sweater Hangers: Sweater hangers should be wide and flat to prevent stretching and distortion of the garment[7].
  • Skirt Hangers: Skirt hangers should have rubber-coated clips to avoid dimpling the fabric[7].
  • Suit Jacket Hangers: These hangers should be sturdy and wide enough to support the shoulders of the suit jacket without causing creases or distortion[7].

In conclusion, the type of clothes hanger you choose depends on the garment you want to hang and the space available in your closet. By selecting the right hanger for each type of clothing, you can keep your wardrobe organized, maintain the shape of your garments, and prevent damage to delicate fabrics.

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