Types of Earring Backs

Closures, clips, stoppers, clasps, backs, or hooks. No matter what you call them, the different types of earring backs have one purpose; to secure your earring to your ear. These are 8 main earing back types:


These types of earring backs consist of a hook through a piercing that you fasten by the lever at the bottom of the earring. Leverback earring closures swivel on a hinge so they are easy to open and close. But, the clasp stays fastened while wearing the earring. Drop, hoop or dangle earrings are the main types of earrings that feature a leverback closure.

Friction Back

Friction-back or push-back earring clasp types slide onto the back of the earring post and clasp with friction. These types of earring closures are the most common and are standard with most earring purchases.

An example of friction back closure is the butterfly earring back. These earrings have two small loops between which you slide the earring posts.

Screw Back

Screw-back clasps are like friction backs. The only difference is that, instead of pushing the back onto the earring, you twist it to secure it. Any earring with a threaded post usually has screw-back closures.

La Pousette Back

Another earring back that’s like the friction back is the la pousette back. With these types of earring backs, there are two buttons on the side that you push to secure the back and release to fasten it in place. It’s one of the few vintage earring backs that remain and are best for valuable or expensive earrings.

Latch Back

Like leverbacks, latch-back earrings close from behind. But, instead of closing upward, the earring’s post snaps into a small latch. Drop, hoop or dangle earrings usually have a latch back closure.

Fish Hook Back

A fish hook or French hook earring back curves through your pierced earlobe. Usually, they are long so there’s no need for any extra clasps.

Omega Earring Back

These types of earring closures fasten from the base like a latch back. Omega earring backs are common for pierced and clip-on earrings.

Clip-on Earrings

Clip-on earrings latch onto your ears and secure to your earlobe without the need for a piercing.


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