How to Choose Shoes to Dress Up a Summer Dress

Looking to dress up your summer dress? The right shoe is key! Check out these suggestions for heels, wedges, sandals, loafers, and pumps.

To make a summer dress more formal, the right choice of shoes can make a significant difference. Based on your preferences, here are some suggestions for each type of shoe:

  1. Heels: Opt for strappy heels or closed-toe platform high heels to elevate the formality of your summer dress[1]. Black strappy heels can be a versatile option that works well with various dress styles and colors.
  2. Wedges: Choose dressy wedges with details such as floral patterns, rhinestones, or bows to add a touch of elegance to your outfit[2]. Wedge sandals can provide extra height and comfort while maintaining a polished look[3].
  3. Sandals: For a more formal look, consider open-toe ankle strap low block chunky heels or high-heeled sandals with rhinestones[4]. These styles can add sophistication to your summer dress while keeping your feet comfortable.
  4. Loafers: Although loafers are not the most formal type of dress shoes, they can work well in the context of the summer season[5]. Opt for loafers in neutral colors or with minimal embellishments to maintain a polished appearance[6].
  5. Pumps: Pumps with lace, beaded details, or instep straps can add a touch of formality to your summer dress[1]. Classic rhinestone pointed toe stiletto high heels can also be a great option for party, evening, or wedding events[7].

Remember to consider the color and style of your dress when choosing the right shoes. Lighter hues, such as blues, creams, whites, and sage, can be more appropriate for dressing up during the summer months[8]. Additionally, consider the event’s dress code and choose shoes that complement the formality of the occasion[7].


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