Top Gothic Shops Australia

Discover the top Gothic fashion stores in Australia, including Gallery Serpentine, The Gothic Shop, The Black Angel, and more. Get your gothic fix here!

In Australia, there are several online and physical stores that cater to the Gothic fashion and lifestyle. Here are a few popular Gothic shops in Australia:

  1. Gallery Serpentine: Located in Sydney, Gallery Serpentine is a renowned Gothic and alternative fashion boutique. They offer a wide range of clothing, corsets, accessories, and Victorian-inspired garments.
  2. The Dark Attitude: An online store based in Melbourne, The Dark Attitude specializes in Gothic clothing and accessories. They have a diverse collection of Gothic fashion for both men and women, including dresses, tops, jackets, and jewelry.
  3. Beserk: Based in Queensland, Beserk is an online alternative store that carries a variety of Gothic fashion brands. They offer clothing, accessories, cosmetics, homeware, and more, catering to various alternative subcultures, including Gothic, punk, and metal[1].
  4. The Gothic Shop: Another online store, The Gothic Shop provides a range of Gothic clothing and accessories for men and women. They offer a selection of Gothic fashion, including dresses, tops, skirts, corsets, and jewelry.
  5. Moonfire Emporium: Located in Adelaide, Moonfire Emporium is a physical store that specializes in Gothic, pagan, and witchcraft-inspired items. They offer a unique selection of clothing, jewelry, home decor, crystals, and spiritual supplies.
  6. The Black Angel: The Black Angel is an online store based in Melbourne that offers a wide range of Gothic fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products. They carry brands from around the world, providing a diverse selection for Gothic enthusiasts.
  7. Tragic Beautiful: Tragic Beautiful is Australia’s longest-standing online store for gothic clothing and offers a wide range of goth clothes, goth shoes, goth boots, goth makeup, gothic jewelry, and more to help goth fashion lovers create their desired goth style[2].
  8. Suicide Glam Australia: Suicide Glam Australia is a Central Coast alternative shop that specializes in goth, metal, punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, and other alternative styles[3].
  9. Immoral Fashion: Immoral Fashion is Australia’s gothic and alternative clothing store that offers gothic clothing, gothic boots, and shoes with free shipping, 90-day returns, and great local customer service[4].
  10. OtherWorld Fashion: OtherWorld Fashion is an Australian alternative and gothic clothing online boutique for women and men that ships worldwide to those who love fashion that is unique[5].
  11. Off Ya Tree: Off Ya Tree stocks Australia’s most extensive range of punk, rockabilly, alternative lifestyle, and metal clothing. They also have homewares, body jewelry, and other accessories[6].

These shops offer a variety of gothic clothing and fashion items, including dresses, shoes, boots, makeup, jewelry, and more. Some of them also offer free shipping, returns, and great customer service.

Remember to check the websites or contact the stores directly for their current offerings, as availability and stock may vary over time.


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