Types of Nose Piercings: Names, Healing Times, and Pain Levels

Looking for a nose piercing? This article explores the different types, healing times and pain levels of popular nose piercings.

Nose piercings have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a wide range of styles and options to suit various personal aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the different nose piercings names and provide an overview of each type, along with their healing times and pain levels.

1. Nostril Piercing

Nostril piercings are the most common type of nose piercing, where the piercing is made on the outer part of the nostril, either on the left or right side of the nose[1]. The traditional placement for a nostril piercing is at the crease line on the side of the nose[2]. Nostril piercings have a healing time of about 2 to 4 months[3]. The pain level for nostril piercings is generally considered to be 4/10[4]. Common jewelry options for nostril piercings include studs, screws, and hoops[1].

2. High Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercings are placed higher up on the nostril, near the bridge of the nose[5]. This type of piercing offers a unique and stylish look, with a variety of jewelry options available[5]. The healing time and pain level for high nostril piercings are similar to those of standard nostril piercings[5].

3. Septum Piercing

Septum piercings go through the nasal septum, the thin piece of cartilage that separates the right and left nostrils[1]. Most septum piercings don’t pierce the cartilage but rather the softer space of tissue just below the septum[1]. Septum piercings are known for their edgy and bold appearance, with various jewelry options such as captive bead rings and circular barbells[1].

4. Nasallang Piercing

Nasallang piercings are a tri-nasal piercing that enters one nostril, goes through the septum, and exits the other nostril[6]. This type of piercing is popular among both men and women and requires an experienced piercer due to its complexity[6].

5. Bridge Piercing

Bridge piercings are placed horizontally across the bridge of the nose, between the eyes[7]. This type of piercing is more uncommon and offers a unique and bold look[7].

6. Multiple Nostril Piercings

Multiple nostril piercings involve having two or more piercings on one side of the nose[5]. This style is versatile and allows for various combinations of studs, screws, and rings to create a personalized look[5].

7. Austin Bar Piercing

Austin Bar piercings are a horizontal piercing through the tip of the nose, creating a unique and eye-catching appearance[7].

8. Rhino Piercing

Rhino piercings, also known as vertical tip piercings, are placed vertically through the tip of the nose[7]. This type of piercing is more intense and requires an experienced piercer[7].

9. Septril Piercing

Septril piercings are a combination of a septum and a nostril piercing, where the jewelry goes through the septum and exits through a hole in the bottom of the nostril[7].

10. Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye piercings are placed vertically between the eyebrows, offering a unique and spiritual look[7].

When considering a nose piercing, it’s essential to research the type of piercing you want and consult with an experienced piercer to ensure proper placement and aftercare. Remember that healing times, pain levels, and jewelry options may vary depending on the type of nose piercing you choose.

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