The Different Types of Shirt Collars for Men and Women

Discover the different types of shirt collars for men and women in this article. From timeless classics to modern designs, find the perfect collar for any occasion.

Shirt collars play a significant role in enhancing the overall appearance of an outfit. They come in various styles and designs, catering to different preferences and occasions. In this article, we will explore the different types of shirt collars for both men and women.

Men’s Shirt Collar Types

  1. Spread Collar: A timeless option featuring collar points that end between 4″-6″ apart, accommodating both small and large tie knots. This versatile collar can be worn with a jacket and tie or on its own[1].
  2. Straight Point Collar: With collar points finishing 1.5″-3.5″ apart, this classic collar accommodates slimmer tie knots and has a visually slimming effect[1].
  3. Button-Down Collar: Features buttons that fasten the collar points to the shirt, making it suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions[1].
  4. Cutaway Collar: A wide-spread collar that creates a bold, modern look, perfect for showcasing larger tie knots[1].
  5. Club Collar: A vintage-inspired collar with rounded points, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit[1].
  6. Wingtip Collar: Designed for formal events, this collar features small, folded points resembling wings, making it ideal for wearing with a bow tie[1].

Women’s Shirt Collar Types

  1. Shawl Collar: A traditional collar that can be worn in professional or social environments, available in various colors and prints[2].
  2. Mandarin Collar: A stand-up collar that adds an elegant touch to any outfit[2].
  3. Classic Collar: A versatile collar suitable for both formal and casual settings, often paired with a blazer in the workplace[2].
  4. Peter Pan Collar: A rounded collar that adds a feminine touch to any outfit[2].
  5. Jabot Collar: A decorative collar featuring ruffles or lace, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to an ensemble[2].
  6. Bertha Collar: A wide, flat collar that frames the neckline and complements the face[3].
  7. Cascade Collar: A collar with a waterfall-like effect, adding a unique touch to any outfit[3].
  8. Cowl Collar: A draped collar that creates a soft, elegant look[3].
  9. Convertible Collar: A versatile collar that can be worn open or closed, offering multiple styling options[3].
  10. Crew Collar: A simple, round collar that adds a minimalist touch to any outfit[3].

In conclusion, there are numerous types of shirt collars available for both men and women, each offering a unique style and appearance. By understanding the different collar types and their characteristics, you can choose the perfect collar to complement your outfit and enhance your overall look.



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