Types of Cuffs with Names for Shirts and Jackets

Discover the different types of cuffs with names for shirts and jackets. From standard cuffs to gauntlet cuffs, learn about their styles and uses.

Cuffs are an essential part of any garment that covers the arms, adding both style and functionality to shirts, jackets, and trousers. In this article, we will explore the different types of cuffs with names, focusing on sleeve cuffs types and types of cuffs on jackets.

Sleeve Cuffs Types

  1. Standard Cuff: This is the most common type of shirt cuff, featuring a rectangular piece of fabric with right angles buttoned. It can be worn with regular buttons or cufflinks[1].
  2. Mitered Cuff: This cuff has a 45-degree angle at the corners, creating a sharp appearance. It is versatile and can be worn in both casual and formal settings[2].
  3. Double Button Cuff: A shirt cuff that fastens with two buttons, providing a slightly more formal look[3].
  4. French or Double Cuff: A wide cuff that turns back and is fastened with a cufflink through all layers. This cuff is often seen on tuxedo shirts and is considered more formal[4].
  5. Convertible Cuff: This cuff can be worn either buttoned like a barrel cuff or with cufflinks, offering versatility in style[5].
  6. Cocktail (Turnback) Cuff: Also known as the James Bond cuff, Portofino cuff, or Casino cuff, this unique style features a barrel cuff with a double-length cuff folded over so that the hems make a diagonal line[6].
  7. Barrel or Button Cuff: A common cuff style found on casual wear and business attire, typically featuring two horizontally-placed buttons with a ¾-inch space in between[7].
  8. Single Cuff: A simple shirt cuff that fastens with one button, suitable for casual or formal occasions[8].

Types of Cuffs on Jackets

  1. Jacket Sleeve Cuffs: These cuffs are typically found on less formal overcoats made out of tweed or on military uniforms and overcoats. They can be used to create a different look on an overcoat and may feature hidden pockets[9].
  2. Gauntlet Cuff: A wide, turned-back cuff that flares wide at the arm and tapers toward the wrist. Also known as cavalier cuffs, they add a unique touch to jackets[4].
  3. Knit Cuff: A rib-knitted fabric that fits closely but is stretchy enough to slip over the hand, often found on casual jackets or sportswear[4].
  4. Roll-up Cuff: A straight sleeve that is folded up to form a cuff, adding a casual touch to jackets[4].

In conclusion, there are numerous types of cuffs available for both shirts and jackets, each offering a unique style and level of formality. By understanding the different types of cuffs with names and their appropriate uses, you can make informed decisions when selecting garments for various occasions.

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