Types Of Sweater Pattern Names

Discover the different types of sweater patterns to add spice to your wardrobe. From Cable Knit to Aran, learn about the unique features of each style.

Sweaters are casual or formal pieces of clothing. There are several types of sweaters. Made from different sweater materials and even different types of sweater necklines.

But, did you know that there are different sweater pattern names? Here are the different types of sweater patterns from which you can choose to spice up your wardrobe:

Cable Knit Sweater

Cable Knit Sweaters are thick. The name cable knit sweater name comes from the cross-cable patterns on the front of the sweater. Although, some designers place the cable knit pattern on the back and arms as well.

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Fair Isle Sweater

The Fair Isle Sweater has bright colors and horizontal patterns. These sweater patterns originated in Scotland and you wear them as an outer layer for a casual suit.

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Solid Color Sweater

Solid Color Sweaters are the most common sweater pattern types. Most people consider this pattern to be more formal than others.

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The Argyle Sweater

Argyle Sweater patterns are trendy and they match clothes that have simple designs. This is because this particular sweater pattern is already outlandish.

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The Guernsey Sweater

The Guernsey Sweater was a sweater pattern that identified the wearer by placing a stitch that represented their village on the sweater. There are two styles of guernsey: plain “working guernsey” and a more formal variety that’s reserved for special occasions.

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Aran Sweater

The Aran Sweater pattern usually consists of an off-white color with cable patterns across the sweater’s body and sleeves. The sweater knit is normally wider, thicker patterns that resemble a 3D texture.

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