can hanging sweatpants damage them over time

Hanging sweatpants can be damaging without proper hangers or techniques. It's recommended to fold them for safer storage. Learn more here. #sweatpants #storage

Hanging sweatpants can potentially damage them over time, especially if you use improper hangers or hanging techniques. Wire hangers, for example, are not supportive enough for heavier fabrics and can warp the shape of your clothes over time[1]. It is recommended to use felt hangers or hangers with clips for better support[2].

However, hanging dress and casual pants is generally considered acceptable, and they can be hung the long way or folded over the hanger[3]. For sweatpants, it is more common to fold them and store them on shelves or in drawers[4]. Folding sweatpants properly can save space and prevent wrinkles[5]. There are several folding techniques available, such as the roll, flat fold, and military roll[5].

If you prefer to hang your sweatpants, make sure to use appropriate hangers and avoid overcrowding to prevent snagging and wrinkling[6]. For other types of activewear, such as yoga pants and workout tops, it is recommended to fold them, as they can get stretched out if hung on a hanger[3].

In summary, while hanging sweatpants can potentially damage them over time, using the right hangers and techniques can minimize the risk. However, folding sweatpants and storing them on shelves or in drawers is a more common and safer storage method. Read more in how to care for sweatpants.


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