A Guide to Different Types of Cowboy Hats: Features, Materials, and Parts

Cowboy hats are a staple of Western wear, with various styles, shapes, and materials. Learn about the different types of cowboy hats and their features.

Cowboy hats have been an iconic symbol of the American West since their invention in 1865 by John B. Stetson. Over the years, these hats have evolved into various styles and shapes, each with its unique characteristics and purposes. In this article, we will explore the different types of cowboy hats and their features, including the materials they are made of and the parts that make up a cowboy hat.

Different Types of Cowboy Hats

There are several types of cowboy hats, each with its unique style and shape. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Cattleman: This classic cowboy hat features a wide brim, a high crown, and a crease running from the front to the back of the crown. It is often seen in beige, brown, or black colors[1].
  2. Gus: The Gus hat has a taller, more rounded crown with a crease that slopes down towards the front. This style was popularized by the character Gus McCrae in the miniseries “Lonesome Dove”[1].
  3. Pinched Front: Also known as the “teardrop” or “Montana” crease, this hat has a pinched crown with a crease that tapers towards the back. The brim is often slightly upturned at the sides[1].
  4. Tom Mix: Named after the famous cowboy actor, this hat features a tall, open crown with a wide, flat brim. It is often adorned with a decorative hatband[2].
  5. Gambler: The Gambler hat has a low, rounded crown with a wide, flat brim. It is often associated with riverboat gamblers and Southern gentlemen[1].
  6. Brick: This hat has a square-shaped crown with a crease running from the front to the back. The brim is typically wide and flat[2].
  7. Amish: The Amish hat features a tall, rounded crown with a wide, flat brim. It is similar to the Tom Mix hat but has a more conservative appearance[1].
  8. Derby: Also known as a “bowler” hat, the Derby has a rounded crown and a narrow, upturned brim. It is not as common in Western wear but is still considered a type of cowboy hat[1].
  9. Open Crown: This hat has no crease in the crown, allowing the wearer to shape it to their preference. It is also known as a “ten-gallon” hat[3].

Parts of a Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat can be broken down into three main parts:

  1. Crown: The dome-like part of the hat that fits around the head. The height and shape of the crown can vary depending on the style[3].
  2. Brim: Also known as a bill, the brim is the ledge of the hat that extends from the bottom of the crown. It provides shade and protects the face from the sun[3].
  3. Hatband: A decorative piece of fabric, ribbon, or leather that is attached where the crown and brim meet. Hatbands are one way to personalize your cowboy hat[4].

What Are Cowboy Hats Made Of?

Cowboy hats are typically made from one of three materials: fur-based felt, straw, or leather[5]. Felt hats are often made from beaver, rabbit, or other types of fur, as well as felted wool. They are warm, water-resistant, and lightweight[6]. Straw hats are made from various types of straw, such as Shantung or Bankok-Toyo, and are popular for their breathability and lightweight feel[6]. Leather cowboy hats are less common but are known for their durability and ability to repel snow and rain when properly conditioned and sealed[7].

In conclusion, cowboy hats come in various styles, shapes, and materials, each with its unique characteristics and purposes. Whether you’re a rancher, a rodeo participant, or simply a fan of Western wear, there’s a cowboy hat style that’s perfect for you.

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